Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yesterday's Newport News

The old “Plank Road” has gotten a little buried in the sand and dust, so I got out the official Plank Road broom to uncover the outlines of the old road. Today’s song, "Newport News" was a “Plank Road” staple. Every “Plank Road” meal included a serving of this song, straight from the big fat ‘Jug Band’ bottom of the traditional music food pyramid. For those just checking in, the "Plank Road" line-up was: John Williams on guitar, vocals and kazoo, and our own beautiful Scot Halpin thowmping along the bassline horizon and throwing in a little 'salvation army' drum for good measure.

This track really captures the paces John Williams is capable of putting his kazoo through. I actually think that John might be the best kazoo player in the world. Hone in on the subterranean groove these two guys were capable of stirring up. I love the “Plank Road” ensemble because it left so much space around its elemental components. In yoga this is called the ether. Interesting how one of the fundamental building blocks is emptiness?

Today’s artwork is a graphite drawing on cotton rag paper. Scot’s done quite a bit of shading by pulling the graphite stub sideways across his paper. The color, once again, is transparent acrylic. Check out the way this pink and blue vibrate. Check out the sun’s little sweet cheeks. This angel’s horn looks to me like it might sound a lot like John’s kazoo.

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