Monday, September 14, 2009

Another Take

Here’s what Scot and the band (in this case “Folklore” - 1990) came up with, in terms of Scot’s original tune, “Ode to Dr. Kevorkian.” Sorry about the scratch beginning. Scot is playing the guitar track, as well as the organ/violin track, and providing the vocals. Edward Bachmann is playing bass and Johnny Law is playing drums and miscellaneous percussion may be Johnny or Scot, not sure. I was crazy about this whole set of material. I loved its richness of language and the purity of Scot’s vocals. Live--it was a marauding, march of music.

Today’s artwork is another original drawing done in acrylic wash, over pen & ink graphics. The black look like it came straight out of the bottle of India ink. The piece is about holes and missing parts.

Happy Birthday, Mom.

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