Monday, September 7, 2009

The Fruit of Labor

I love Labor Day. In the old days, when I was a kid, newspapers had whole ‘labor beats’. That means there were a whole bunch of reporters all over, whose job it was to look at things from the side of the worker! Boy, we sure don’t have that now. Glad I saved “16 Tons” because it’s perfect for a Labor Day Stomp.

Today’s musical track features a session I have already mined. Hammering along on this BC session are special guests Larry Vessily on accordion and Mark Menaphe on rhythm guitar. Providing the mineshaft and equipment is Jerry Farnsworth providing vocals and lead guitar, Scotty--the vein—Halpin, on bass guitar and clanging along on that air pump of a drum track, is Kenny Wright.

I really had to look a long time-to-time today’s artwork. I just wasn’t finding anything that illustrated anything relating much to the ‘company store’. I chose this guy because he is related to the drawing in yesterday’s entry--only in this drawing--the eyes of the heart are clocks. On his hat, where a miner’s light would be, is another one—ticking away. This face seems to be covered in a smear. That smear could be coal, could be dust. Sweat cuts a drip in the mask. This original drawing was done in graphite. It crosses over into the realm of the painting with its vivid palate and the solid opaque of the mask. It’s very painterly.

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