Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Wish I Knew How

Here’s another jewel I’ve been saving, but I needed its balm now. Today we hear “Carlyn Lindsey & Snake Doctor” ‘go spiritual’. This was one of my all time favorite tunes on any CL & SD set list in history, the spiritual, “I wish I Knew How”. I was at the Encore Cafe the day this was recorded. The event was for the benefit of the legal fund of a progressive public official, who had been set-up for a fall by those whose job it is to serve and protect. That day there was a sense of how great it does feel to be free. Listen again at the beginning and you’ll hear Scot shout out one of his familiar refrains, “Everybody Everywhere!” He was sure a righteous, global dude.

In keeping, I have choosen another page from the book of “Glorious Gospel Hymns”. I chose it because it was another chance to get a wash in hope. We all have our bonds—many feel bonds now—freedom to do what we can do—freedom to say what we can say, is for many just a dream. “I wish that you knew how it feels to be me.” The people in the big houses may think of themselves as compassionate individuals, but I wonder, can they really understand how the people in the slave shacks feel—the people who are not free to do what they can do?

Today’s piece of artwork jumped out at me with the pull of a second line band. I’m ready for some confetti. The drawing was done with graphite for the line work, a transparent India ink wash and is topped off with some ice cream music sprinkles over a big pink banana split of a figure—all in opaque acrylic.

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