Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So Lonesome I Could Caw

My friend Carlyn does a KA version of this tune. I figured that since the old “Plank Road” was so nice and dusted off that I’d just go ahead and play a sad song. I start out this entry mentioning Carlyn because, as all loyal T. bloggers know, Carlyn’s mom has just passed. I hereby extend the dedication of the T. Scot Halpin Memorial Blog to include the memory of Carlyn’s mom. Today’s music track is “Plank Road” sweet and clear. John Williams and Scot Halpin making some very real music together. Listen to the placement of all the parts: bass, vocals, guitar, drums (way back there).

Today artwork almost said it all. There are a few tracks I’m tempted to leave alone--the art and music saying it all. For the record however, this is an original drawing. The line work is brown Sharpie fine-point marker. The transparent washes are magical. I love this use of green. I’m looking at the yellow wash on the bird—wet-on-wet glow. This piece was done in 2001.

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