Thursday, April 30, 2009

...Are Some Thoughts of You

We meet again. Today’s track is another rehearsal tape for the Carlyn Lindsey Archives. This song, “I Idolize You,” by Tina Turner is one I remember loosing my mind on, one night on the dance floor (Bears—2004-ish). “CL & SD” had a few special friends with them that night. Todas Paegle was playing his flat-out killer guitar. I remember Dan Witherd had his trombone out several times that night (this song chief among them)--right before I lost my mind.

This is a very striped down track. What I love about it is how clearly Scot’s bass line is coming through, the obvious LINK between him and Carlyn, and the general kick-assness of the band. Bass is a tricky instrument. It has its JOBS, its duties--to hold down things down and to move things along. Too many notes are not necessarily a good thing on bass. I can remember Scot and Edward talking about “eat shit” bass lines. It this point in his musical career, Scot had really found a way to blend those two jobs, with a truly melodic approach that drove the band to the frenzy groove, while adding phenomenal sonic interest to the tune.

Today’s artwork has to do with whom we idolize. Sometimes idols are unlikely characters.

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