Friday, May 1, 2009

Have I Already Repeated Myself?

When I was reading my entry for yesterday, I kept having the extreme feeling that I’ve written all this out before. I guess it’s possible. Today’s track is a cut from “Folklore’s” official demo (1989 - 1990). The song is another Scot Halpin original called, “Hideaway.” Scot is doing lead vocals and playing lead-ythm guitar. Edward Bachmann is playing bass and Johnny Law is the man on the drums.

I remember the period these “Folklore” songs were written. Scot's residency at the Headlands was over. We were in our little apartment --solidly back in the City. We were living a couple blocks away from Civic Center at the bottom of Page St. We had one first floor window that faced the street--everything else faced a wall or a stairwell. We were up a little bit, but basically people could see in pretty easily. Scot got the idea of spray painting the window white. This was a fine solution to the problem for him. For me, I really did begin to feel like we were refugees.

He’d sit in that room, late at night, mastering, mixing, recording new parts, throwing down new tracks, and on and on; the only only thing separating him from the rest of the world was that thin layer of spray paint, the only thing separating us was an open door. At my insistance, he did scrape the paint off. There was the city--right there outside the window, on the move, but inside--we still had this dense capsule of experiential living going on.

Today’s artwork is about rare air and the rain giving what is needed. Today's post is dedicated to all the refugees who are standing on the brink.

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