Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Variations On A Theme

“Stealin’” back to my same old used to be again. Extra points to anyone who caught that this is the same image I used on the first round of “Stealin’” (Openers 2/15/09) —same meaning the same little guy dancing along. Scot would often do several different versions of these pieces—the digital miracle being one of the obvious benefits, from the “art in a minute” model Scot worked toward. In the end, I guess ‘same’ is not the right word. Scot had a language of symbols he used a lot--rich, potent little symbols, he was entranced with.

Today’s musical track is the more trumpet I was looking for yesterday. This is a Basement Collaboration session, but in this case, the BC is hosting “Plank Road.” I love hearing this different arrangement of “Stealin.” John and Scot were sure both in fine voice that night. Our trumpet player (help me here Jerry) has sure warmed up!

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