Thursday, May 14, 2009

All Packed Up

Just like the good ants who worked and worked, we (Steve Teraberry—my new business partner and I) are about to head out for parts NYC. For reasons related to the fact that it’s 11:54 PM, I need to make this a short entry.

“Instant Ants From Space” is an early 1980’s Scot Halpin electronic manefesto. A few of the people reading this blog will remember making a video (when the tape was 1” thick). Remember being costumed in huge black garbage bags, sinched at the waist, dancing in front of some nice projected slides? My friend Jeff Armstrong, says he’s recovered the “Vidiots” tapes we did at the Muscatine Cable Access, circa 1981. People get ready.

Artwork--DWM. Bring a brother. Bring another. All aboard. Ant Colony.

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J said...

good luck, robin