Sunday, May 31, 2009


Yesterday is one of those nice words with a melody. Yesterday I was sitting at a big table of friends at the “We’ve Got Gravity” CD Release event, here in Bloomington, at our own “Player’s Pub.” Several of us were talking about favorite songs. There were at least two or three who mentioned the song, "You've Got To Serve Somebody," by Bob Dylan. It’s a song with sounds true meaning. And as far as I can tell, I'm pretty sure it is true.

The CD Release event went real well. It was from 2 – 6, on an absolutely gorgeous Indiana 'last of May' day. I was kind of the producer for the event, and even I didn’t want to go. Fortunately, there was a good crowd there, despite the weather and other even more intervening issues. The program was wonderful. John has some new musical friends, and already I see a very good fit. Wonderful comedy was provided by Ken Ferrell. As John said, "He's actually funny!" I got to sing with Carlyn Lindsey on three songs! It was the first time I have sung publically since 1979 and "The Sponges." I had fun!

Today’s artwork is about catching a cup of good karma. Today’s music is a Basement Collaboration track, of the very same, to the point, "You've Got To Serve Somebody, we were talking about yesterday." This song was the first track of the first disk I pulled out... Jerry Farnsworth is singing, and playing guitar, Scot and Kenny are there as per usual, although not to complain, but I would have turned Scot up a little in the mix. I do think that’s him playing tamborine though.

Joining the boys that night was Nelson Batalon, who is serious about his horn playing, and who has raised up two amazing young horn men, in his sons. They were all three down at the Fig Gig last week. It was cool to see these young people be so serious about their music, and absolutely jamming with their dad. Real cool........

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