Monday, June 1, 2009

On Home To Me

Today’s track is dedicated to two people who have decided to get married. They are a sweet couple as well-suited to each other as the day is long. Their life together has been about friends and family and fun—F to the third. I’ll leave it at that. All the words in today’s song don’t fit the situation, but I choose this song because we get to hear a tad of Blue Jazz. The track is cut short, but we get to hear Irene slip into and out of, “Bring It On Home” by Sam Cooke. I so much like the feel of this song. It was part of Scot’s regular repertoire, for years. Blue Jazz, for the record, means Jerry Farnsworth on guitar, Kenny Wright on drums, Scot Halpin on bass, and Irene, of the velvet vocals.

Today’s artwork is about putting all the pieces together. This image started out as a graphite drawing. The sun, house and world are colored with transparent acrylic wash and the sky and clouds are some more of the experimenting with some of the possibly too cheesy digital clouds. I do absolutely love the color of the sky and the sweet expression on the face of the sun.

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