Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pack My Grip (small suitcase)

Just found out I won’t be packing my grip (small suitcase) as I thought I would have to. Instead, I’m going to have more time for the garden, lunch with friends and all the really important stuff. YEAH! What that means today is that this is going to be a short entry. Our music comes from, I believe, another “Carlyn Lindsey & Snake Doctor” rehearsal tape. I appreciate the clarity of the band’s launch into uncharted rhythmic waters right from the beginning of the song, but I love the vamps! Thanks to Carlyn and Tim for last Sunday, and everyone else who lent a hand. It was all so nice.

Today’s artwork was selected to go along with the breezy vector of Carlyn’s take on this song. This is a sepia wash, done with a Japanese calligraphy brush, onto a page of a gospel hymnal, “Glorious Gospel Hymns,” published by the Nazarene Publishing House, 1933. This hymnal is chock-full of drawings and paintings.

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