Friday, June 19, 2009

B Side

Get ready to dance around the room and maybe shed an article or two of clothing along the way. This is the next track up on yesterday’s disk. Wanting to get down to business, I mined a vein I knew to be good. The hand we were dealt from today’s shuffle of the deck is the Jaeger/Richard rock and roll staple, “Honkey Tonk Woman.”

This was the era when Scot was envisioning “The Rolling Bones,” his “Rolling Stones” cover band, for which his Bob Dylan cover band, “Bob Willin’” would open. You can see--he was off to a good start. Check yesterday’s entry for musical credits, except to add, Jerry Farnsworth guitarin’ somewhere in there--as per the usual (not the wha-wha). Kenny Wright admirably filling the crucial role of cowbell on this tune and more. And then there’s Scot—takin’ it apart and puttin’ it back together for us.

Today’s artwork is an accident. I spilled some water on my bedside table last night. I had to pick up a painting that was there, in order to wipe up the water. Behind the one painting, I found some more artwork. In thinking about artwork for today entry, I flashed on one of these newly revealed pieces. I brought one in, thinking it probably a bit too large for my scanner. I laid the painting down to turn on the scanner, and found this piece and the back of the other. I love serendipity

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