Saturday, June 13, 2009

Today This Time

A lot of days pass and we don’t lose anyone, but eventually a day comes that we do. Today’s memorial blog is dedicated the father of my friend, who passed last Monday. We all gathered today to help see this man's spirit on and to stand in loving support of his wonderful family (no better testament), who I learned today had been a drum major. And so for today’s art entry, I picked—a little drummer angel, which is another wash drawing, this time India ink, again done on a page of a wonderful old hymnal from 1932, as you can clearly see from my clever use of the scanner!

Once again, my garden is calling. I’ve got stuff that I bought at the nursery three weeks ago. I might as well throw my money into the garbage disposal, if I don’t get these plants into the ground soon. So, according, today’s music is one of my all time favorite “Plank Road” songs called, “Scout (Out On The Hi-way). It’s a good song for a memorial blog, and is especially fitting today. The track comes from the Farm Fresh session: John Williams-guitar, lead vocals & song writing credit) and Scot Halpin-tambourine drum, bass and harmony. Lucky for us, Scot is another of our scouts out on the hi-way.

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