Saturday, June 27, 2009

What Are We Going To Do Now, My Love?

“Long gone.” I gush today. I walked into the room today and asked Scot for his assistance. This is what he came up with. Our musical track today is one from the deep archives. It’s another rehearsal tape. Amazing to me how solid the rehearsal tapes I’ve been playing are. Playing on the track is a musical ensemble, assembled by Edward Bachmann. The date on the tape is 1-2-89. (It must have been pretty late on the 2!)

“E.B. White”, so called because of Edwards’s love of E. B. White, the writer, and possibly too, that his initials just happen to be--E. B. Edward fronted the group, playing acoustic guitar and singing lead vocals. Backing him up are the super-charged harmonies of Ramona Torch and Judy Tampa. These girls could both drop a harmony part on a fart. Two part if you wanted it. They sang together a lot and were two thirds of another group-- “Girl Can’t Help It.” Jay Altobelli (not here) being the last girl who couldn’t help it.

Also similar to this outfit and “GCHI” is the drummer. Extra points to anyone who immediately knew Scot was playing the drums that night. Scot was also the original drummer for “Girl Can’t Help It.” He brought his massively funky beat, but also WAY too much personality for that particular group. Leland Monagle, of ‘Sponges’ fame, was brought in as ‘GCHI’s new drummer. Leland has his own funky beat and a massively mellower demeanor. The electric slide is being played by (I think) Bradly Bartel, but I do seem to remember Dave Barker somewhere in the lineup. I will seek further info.

Today’s artwork is a drawing pulled out of a box, pulled down from the shelf. It is a pen and ink drawing, with minimal acrylic was tinting. I see this as a good capsualization of my thoughts about the world, and life, and what happens next. There’s so much riding on the tip of that pencil. The love alignment here seems to be in place. I like the little house down on the ground with the wire stretching between two little telephone poles, and nowhere else.

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