Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pay To Play

I don’t think I could count the times I heard Scot tell the story of when Salvador Dali came to New York after WWII. According to Scot, he had $100,000, which he promptly gave to a publicist, telling him to make him famous. As far as I can tell, that was $100,000 well spent.

Today’s track was one of Ringo’s songs—Scot identified with Ringo. What must that have been like hang in such rarified air? Last summer, John & Julie—down the way—had their annual summer party. It just happened to fall on the six-month anniversary of Scot’s passing. Bobby Burns was there that night. I remember standing in the yard, listening to Bobby sing a song I’d heard Scot sing a million times before—in Scot’s same key. Scot and Bobby do not stand to differently in their stature. It’s nice to have Bobby around.

I choose the title tonight to hint at the reality that there are a lot of people with some considerable talent in the world. There are only a few who really make the big time. The rest of us are left with our toes to tap and our own musical identities to surge forth, here and there.

Here in Bloomington, it’s not unknown to pay to play—music Mecca that it is. In other words, you show up at a ‘Blues Jam’ or an ‘Open Mike.’ You buy a beer. You sing a song. You bring a friend or two. That’s the way it works. Pay to play. Sometimes that’s the only way. Today’s artwork is a charcoal/acrylic wash piece. More of Scot’s direct kind of action. Scot acting naturally.

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