Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Value Added

Scot and I used to talk a lot about value added. Here’s an example of value added. Take a piece of paper. Add a squiggle—maybe even just a signature. Say you’re Pablo Picasso. There are stories of old Pablo, signing the cocktail napkin in exchange for his dinner, and the restaurateur coming out all the better.

Today’s artwork is a SCOT signature image. A Moon Man. Ironic? Iconoclastic? Is he in a boat? Is he popping out of a box straight out of a continent? What’s the deal? Are those fairies or angels hopping from platform to platform? Are they minding? Are they quite so trained as Mister Moon Man may think? Maybe not, but there is always that heart to guide them.

In this case, value added has to do with the fact that this is a lot the same musical track as I played yesterday. Value added here being the addition of a whole different vocal track—thank heavens. (I’ve had enough of that whole robot thing.) And in my opinion, here’s another huge value added consideration: a/n (?) whole ‘nother guitar track! Move over Neil. Yes, each and every one of these tracks is being laid down by our own dear, Scot—who was, and pretty much understood that despite everything, he was equipped to contribute to all of our where-with all. But throughout that time, he had to rely a lot on himself for motivation and affirmation. That’s also where I came in. Today’s track is yet a further reach for our destiny.

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