Sunday, June 21, 2009

Solstice Planning

Saved a super-goodie for today, the summer solstice. The spark for today’s track happened way back in the summer of 1980, while Scot and I were living large in Rhode Island. I remember Scot blocking this song in this little studio he’d set up. The good thing about Scot was that you could always give him the darkest, littlest room. He was not a fussy artist, who had to have things just so. I always felt he could work in the middle of a tornado.

Back in Rhode Island, he sketched out a few of the characters. We moved to Iowa City next and Scot worked with his dad to develop three wonderful children’s’ books and accompanying songs. Once again, Scot was ahead of the media curve. No one quite knew what to do with both a book and a song. He recorded this track on his Teac 4-track in our living room in Iowa City, the winter of 1981. Sounds like Alvin was brought in, but actually--that’s Scot, fairies, trolls and everything else going on, on the track. Today’s artwork is the cover for one of the little books Scot made for his Dad.


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