Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wee Wee Wee All The Way Home

Learned one meaning of the brick out-house today. After the war—in London, many families had built little bomb shelters at the back of the yard. After the war: WTF. These were bricks we were talking about, so what might one do with them? Yes, people were still using outhouses at the end of the garden back then. Real plumbing is so much a luxury, I’m reminded of those people who cannot drink, let alone flush.

Tonight’s musical track is a BC recording, featuring: BIG, BAD, Bobby Burns. Yes, AKA: Robert Burns. When Bobby Burns came into the BC, Scot came straight home and said, “I met this guy tonight. He’s got my same repetoire. He sings in my key. He plays lead guitar—just like me. In keeping, I ask you, who’s doing what?

I choose today’s artwork, straight out of a box, full of treasures. This piece is a graphite drawing with acrylic wash highlights. I learned a little about Oustopathy today. There’s an element of focusing in on the bright light that burns at the core. That and lining things up. Ahhh, alignment.

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Merry Lynn said...

The picture of the man sitting in front of a candle and I am sure of his brick out house in the back of the garden evokes a very British feeling in me. It was a terrible time for the world, the Brits especially. One thing that kept them going was music. What kind doesn't matter. Just music to help them pass the day.