Friday, June 26, 2009


OOPS. Gave a bunch of info you need for today in tomorrow’s entry. Don’t ask. It seems to happen in the blog world, from time to time. Check tomorrow’s entry for info on band lineup. The tune is one written by Edward Bachmann and possibly Judy Tampa. Edward is a real literary dude, and was another one good with the words (like John Williams).

Today’s artwork is a graphite (pencil) drawing, blocked out with acrylic wash and color spatter. Yesterday I was tired and trying to keep my fussiness under the radar, I wanted something that captured my feelings of being ‘done worn out.’ I found it ironic that this person in the drawing doesn’t have feet for the ‘new soft shoe.’

Edward and Judy and Ramona sound so sweet, but I ask you to hone in to Scot’s drumming. Notice how he won’t let anyone stray any too far of funky—deliberating slowing the band a couple of times—punching in several times in a very Levon Helms kind of way. Long live Levon. Long live Scot.

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