Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We've Got "Gravity!"


We’ve Got “Gravity! – a CD Release Event

Bloomington songwriter & musician, John (Merriwether) Williams is set to release his collaborative project, “Gravity.” The CD release event is going to happen this coming Sunday, May 31, 2009—at “Player’s Pub” here in Bloomington. The collaborative part of this project has to do with Williams’ work with the late T. Scot Halpin—work done during the last five years of Halpin’s life.

Halpin and Williams were neighbors and fast friends. They were regularly seen busking on the streets of Bloomington. Some of their favorite spots were outside of the Irish Lion, entertaining the smokers, inside the front door of the “Corner Bookstore”, next to the Malibu Grill. Their favorite spot was on Indiana Ave. just down the street from the old “Book Nook.” Here they would play mainly to the people waiting for their buses across the street, outside the law school.

Halpin and Williams were set to record a new body of songs, but twice the recording session had to be cancelled; once due to a tornado warning in the area and one time due to Halpin’s failing health--which ended up taking him before a recording of the two of them doing this new material could be captured. Everyone close to the project was devastated by this happenstance. Right away, there was talk of various friends joining in the project--track by track. John decided to book some time in a local studio to lay down a scratch track, to send around to interested friends.

The freedom of thinking this was the beginning of a project, rather than a finished piece, gave John tremendous leeway emotionally, which ended up really being translated musically. Instead of creating a throw away scratch track, John created a brilliant document, one fully resonant with the complex nature of his relationship with Scot, and also, his own gifted genius. John says it felt like Scot was there in the room with him. Friends don’t doubt this; Halpin was a guy who would try.

Speaking of friends, Williams will be joined at his CD release event by the spectacular Carlyn Lindsey and her faithful “Snake Doctor” sidekick and ‘Inside and Out Man’—the noble Tim Haas. The room stands to be choke-full of musicians who knew and loved and played with Scot Halpin here in Bloomington--and friends as well as family who know and love all the people involved.

Any help in publicizing this event would be greatly appreciated. Player’s Pub will be open for their regular brunch at noon. They are well known for their quality food and delicious attention to menu. Details are as follows:

WHERE: Player’s Pub, 424 S. Walnut, Bloomington, IN

WHEN: Sunday, May 31, 2009, 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM

OTHER INFO: Player’s Pub now has a license that allows for all the family to come to the Pub! ALL AGES ARE NOW WELCOME. For more info at the Pub, call: 812-334-2080.


Check out: http://tscothalpin.blogspot.com

Or Google: Scot Halpin

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Merry Lynn said...

John who will forever be a part of Scot just cracked me up during the one line that goes, "gravity's a bust." You'll understand. It sounds as if there is so much happening and I am thrilled for you. QM