Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Get Along Home

Well……………thanks for checking in. Today we have a fun “Plank Road” track of the traditional song “Cindy Cindy,” produced and helped along musically by Evan Copelly, John’s talented stepson. This track has everything going for it. This was one of Scot’s favorite “Plank Road” numbers. Scot is playing another box on this track. Listen for the brushes and that unmistakable box fidelity. Hey, it’s perfect for a jug band! Scot loved all the kazoo and whistle on this track. Every once in a while, I hear a giant thump, reminiscent of the bass drum of a marching band.

Today’s artwork is a charming interpretation of Cindy, getting along home.

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Merry Lynn said...

There is such joy in the music that these guys perform. It amazes me that they can put out such wonderful music with the most minimal of instruments. What a bunch!!