Thursday, May 28, 2009

Signature Tunes

Around here, things go ‘round in circles. Tonight we head out to Helmsberg for a Fig Gig. Judy circles around and picks me up around 5:30. We circle around and pick-up the pizza and then circle on out of town. Tonight is not just your ordinary Fig Gig though, for tonight we are celebrating Jerry Farnsworth’s 60th birthday! I’m told cake will be had. Some things do change.

I went looking for a signature Jerry tune: “16 Tons”, “Don’t Mess With My Tuttu.” First track I pulled up was this neat recording of the Basement Boys (AKA: BC). This is actually a rehearsal tape. Another thing that circles around is the 4th Street Festival of the Arts and Crafts, which we’re also involved with. Jerry would bring the boys out of the basement, under the moniker of “Jerry’s Kids” to play every year at the festival.

This is a rehearsal tape for that gig, recorded in September 2005. It features the great rhythm guitar of local phenomenon, Mark Menifhy (sp?), Larry Vessily (of Snake Doctor keyboards renown) is blowing harp, Scot and Kenny had their funky lock-down going. The song is definitely one of Jerry’s signature tunes, “Built For Comfort,” by the late, great, Howlin' Wolf. Jerry and Scot had a lot the same kind of body type (a lot like Howlin's). I understand what this song is all about, as does, obviously, Jerry’s beautiful wife, Judy. They've got two generations of beautiful family behind them to prove it. This is a swingin’ version of the song in which Jerry shows us that he has this sweet, Garrison Keller-type high range! Not too shabby on the lead guitar either.

Our artwork for today is an exceptionally nice work-up of another “art–by the ream” piece. Scot has worked up his sepia aquatinting and added the subtlest of coloration—let’s call it pale rose and aquamarine.

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Merry Lynn said...

Happy Birthday, Jerry. Today's pick is the music because I have had that same problem much of my life. What a toe-tapper!!! From the QM