Friday, May 15, 2009

We're Here!

OK, anyone who cares. I’m sitting in the lobby of the Travel Inn “Moter Lodge.” Bet you didn’t thin there were any moter lodges on the island of Manhattan. There is. It’s directly adjacent to something that reminds me of one of the three sit coms (?) I ever followed. “Maude,” “All In the Family” and Kojak. I loved Telly Sevalas and his lolly pop. It’s ten past three. We are here (NYC).

Music is not going to happen tonight. Sorry. Too many technical difficulties I can’t work out just now. New York Blessings to you all. Bob Marley playing here in the lobbey


Merry Lynn said...

I am so amazed that you took time to put a message on the blog. I want you to know that you both were in my thoughts as you traveled and during set up day. Now you are smack in the middle otf the show and I hope that all is going brilliantly. Are your brain cells overloaded from all the classes you are taking? Look forwward to a long talk after you have had a couple of days of rest.

Merry Lynn said...

Part B - Well, you are down to the last day and I hope that things have gone smashingly well. The last day is here and then you will be packing up. I am so excited to here how everything went. Blessings to you both. QM.