Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wild Wild Wild Weekend

Jump into the way-back machine, my friends. Hold on. Let’s blast off into the blasted-off days of say, 1983, Scot’s Folk Punk days. “Wild, Wild, Wild Weekend” is another rockabilly, folk, punk hybrid. Scot assumes all the positions in the field. Typewriter rhythm box, funky thumpin’ bass, Sir Doug-ish Farfisa, solid state guitar—solidly out of tune, and his own dear yippin’ and a hippin’ sweet voice.

I am going to try something new for the blog. The addition of photography. This photo was taken by our friend Mark Erickson. Mark is a wonderful artist and can be counted on to document things. Today’s picture was taken on the beach during one of our endless surfing (not me or Scot) beach combing (yes) adventures.

Today’s artwork is a crazy pick. These are test eyes. Scot was a master of the white dot. The white dot is the secret of making eyes come alive. It is an old illustrators’ trick. These are digital eyes and a digital smile, drawn with digital tools. What’s weird to me is how these eyes all kind of fit together (they do follow you around), and the tiniest addition of shadow, really gives the allusion of a socket.

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