Sunday, May 3, 2009

Eyes of Blue

This track is dedicated to the blue-eyed angels among us, “Plank Road” acting here today as salvation army band for those very blue-eyed angels. The tune, "Has Anybody Seen My Girl," was written by "The California Ramblers" in 1925.

The other person I’m thinking about tonight is my good friend Pauline, who like the heroine of old would let herself be tied to the tracks, if she thought she had a good reason. Otherwise, forget it. No one ties this Pauline to the tracks without a good reason. She probably was just about 5’2”, back in her day. She played the piano by ear and loved music. She had red hair and married a man who picked her out of a crowd.

The artwork for today is another file, imported as a PDF. Here’s the hitch. If you start talking about a certain color of eyes, you are certain to leave certain people out. I know how disappointed Scot was when James inherited my mother’s chocolate brown eyes, mixed with a tinge of some other people’s hazel eyes (you know, those eyes that change color around the edges).

Here’s a sad interjection. End of track. Flash to one one my top ten movie favorites, “Shawshank Redemption.” Remember, Morgan Freeman’s character, true-heartedly asking the grocery store boss to give him permission to go to the bathroom. Here is Scot, ready for “a pee break.” I love the engineer for responding, “Well, done.” and so much, Scot gratefully singing, “Alright.”

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