Friday, May 29, 2009


Twenty-six years ago today, I found my future. Yes, twenty-six years ago today, Scot and I meet in front of friends and family and said some vows. Tricky things vows. One does hate to break a vow, but…well, occasionally, they do get broken. Fortunately for Scot and I, we didn’t have to break any vows. The "for better or worse thing" did come into play. The truth is, we came pretty close a few times. One thing I’m noticing tonight and thinking about is the concept that we all have our anniversaries—good and bad. We all have our memories.

This track was written by Carlyn Lindsey and Tim Haas. (Don't think Scot has a writing credit here.) The music is being performed by "Carlyn Lindsey & Snake Doctor"--playing live at the Encore Cafe, circa 2005. Carlyn is whipping out the vocals (as usual, even if she would like more rehearsal), Tim Haas--backing Carlyn up in his usual take care of business way, Larry Vessily is in there, as is Scot, but tonight we also get to groove on the sensuous, silky and so right flute of Dave Witherd.

Today’s artwork is a real amalgam. Caligraphic lines, some kind of Flintstone-like still-life, a checkered table cloth, a red headed girl of indiscriminant eye color and a blazing sun. This girl always seemed lonely beyond words (to me), despite her smile. Why?

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Merry Lynn said...

I know who the girl with the red hair is and I am almost positive that I recognize the tablecloth. Sunflowers always held a bright spot in her heart. So why the sorrow? Maybe without Scot the sun in her life burns a little less brightly. But she is much loved by many people. Hope Girls' Night let off some steam. QM