Friday, May 8, 2009

Thank You

Thank you is not a hard one for me. I look around, and find myself wanting to say thank you all the time. On the other hand, “Whatever you’re doing, love yourself for doing it.” This is a lot harder for me. What about those lazy minutes (minutes are about the only unit of time I currently have time to be lazy in)? Same thing with, “Whatever you’re thinking…” Love whatever you’re thinking? What can this mean? I’ve had some pretty ugly thoughts.

This track, which I’m now calling, “Whatever you’re…” was recorded, at home, in the mid 1980’s. I have talked a little bit about this time, but once again, Scot was working on his master’s project, a creative visualization how-to technique book, called "Picturing." During this time, Scot and I spent quite a bit of time thinking about the nature of being an artist. Our conclusion was that art has healing properties and that it also serves as the growing edge of human existence. So in this way, being artists, we felt some responsibility.

This whole process began Scot’s search for peace, which really crystallized during this time. He became a serious student of “good stuff in, good stuff out,” avoiding the obvious opposite whenever possible. But here’s the rub, try not thinking about something. Silly, but this is hard. Meditation teachers of all ilk talk about the same kinds of things: don’t judge, notice and return, observe until the next breath, and so on. All much the same, subtext—hating it, will not make it go away.

Today’s artwork is another dry point. The dry point has the most wonderful, rich, velvety line. Here again, are some masterful wet-on-wet washes. Today we have a girl, offering her thanks to the universe, which this day has taken the form of the moon.

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