Friday, April 24, 2009

Black & White

Today’s track is dedicated to all the people who are responsible for creating “interrogation policy” during the Bush/Cheney presidency. At least we are past the dark days when those people were actually in charge! Bravo to all who are moving to expose the horrors that were perpetrated in the name of our freedom.

Today we find ourselves at another jazzbo Encore Café gig
(c 2003) with the wonderful Carlyn Lindsey & Snake Doctor. The tune is the telling, “Your Mind Is On Vacation,” by Mose Allison. This is one song that everyone had fun with, because it felt so good to just tell is like it was. Just to keep things fresh, the Snake Doctor line-up is as follows: Carlyn Lindsey-lead vocals, Larry Vessily-keyboards, David Witherd on sax, Tim Haas on drums, and my own beloved Scot Halpin, thumping in the groove. Scot loved it when Larry switched on the organ sound, and on this track, we hear why.

Today’s artwork is another black and white piece. I choose it in keeping with today’s dedication, because some things just are black and white.

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