Friday, April 3, 2009

Holding a Space in Time

Today’s track is another of Scot’s original “Folklore” tunes, “Heave Ho Jericho.” Once again, Edward Bachmann is playing the bass, Johnny Law is laying down the drum track, Scot is playing lead-ythm guitar, singing, and has double tracked the keyboard line. The music had so much depth, and what was amazing is that they could basically play it all live. Scot was at the top of his game vocally. He was really taking his voice more seriously at this time (which was 1988 according to the date on the demo). I remember him actually doing some vocalizing before these sessions. All the “Folklore” material is very ‘Whoesque” to me.

The artwork for today is another quick pick from the ‘Art By the Ream” collection. I love this image. It captures Scot so sweetly—his texture and the way energy flowed from him, through him, into him and all around him. The pyramid is such a glorious symbol—perfection, permanence (?); a mystery from our past to fuel our future, and those are some nice, really big red lips too?

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