Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rock My Life Away

I listened to all of Side Two of this cassette, "Funhouse @ Pat O’Shea’s 11-1-85" yesterday. I was so taken back to that time. I got to thinking about all the friends who were there that night. Friends who were there who now live on a different continent, friends who now live in the far corners of this continent, a friend whose mom just died, a friend who died February 9, 2008…

Scot wrote this song, "Love to Boogie," shortly after we got to see Clifton Chenier at a little club on Grant Avenue in North Beach, called (for the moment) “The Raccoon Saloon.” Scot and I actually booked music at this club briefly after we returned from Europe in 1982. Clifton Chenier was divine. The whole night remains etched vividly in my mind. I will never forget the guy playing the washboard. We were sitting less than 15 feet away from him, and let me tell you—that sucker was loud. Talk about percussive! This you felt in your bones.

I too have never been to New Orleans. I hope to go someday soon. This song is dedicated to those friends of mine who love New Orleans and all the music and food and culture that bubbles up out of that part of the world. Lucky those who get to go to the New Orleans Heritage Festival which happens soon. Scot became nothing short of smitten with this music. I like listening to him set the beat at the beginning of the song--looking for that funky sweet-spot. The drummer (will get name) did a pretty good job for never having heard, let alone played the song before!

I was finishing up yesterday’s entry when the phone rang. Much to my surprise and delight, it was Edward Bachmann—featured on this and many other blog tracks playing bass. Wonderful catching up! Today’s artwork is a light-hearted piece that put me in mind of the message of today music.

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