Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Patterns

If life were only as simple as the titles of self-help books? I’m here with you first thing today. It feels good. The sun is just cutting into the room. Today, we jam on. Yes, another tune from Jamula. On the whole, Jamula didn’t bother with lyrics. The thrust of the outfit was to explore the world of the improvisational instrumental—while at the same time honing personal improvisational chops.

But today we get, “Divas Do As Divas Will,” and not only is Jerry singing, but I do believe that is Scot singing harmony (also sometimes Jerry would lay down a second vocal track or two, which this kind of sounds like too.) Jerry and Scot didn’t usually sing together—another new pattern. Here’s a slow bluesy kind of a jam, with lots of room to let your ears wander around the sonic landscape.

Not sure about the story behind the song, will try to get more info from Jerry. I think we can all agree that divas will do, as divas will. There is a certain type of energy that cannot be ignored. I’m not sure I would categorize our Momma Earth as a diva, but she certainly does as she wills. I guess that’s my inspiration for today’s artwork. I’m pretty sure the body of the Earth and the body of the woman are drawn from the same template

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