Thursday, April 2, 2009


Tonight we are leaping off into another extreme. “Long Tall Texan” has been part of Scot’s repetoire since the “Double Cross Band” and the early days of the Roosevelt, a la 1979. Maybe even before. There are those who’d know. Tonight’s track is a playful pick-about by the Basement Collaberation—Jerry Farnsworth/guitar, Kenny Wright/drums, Scot Halpin/bass & vocals. I love Scot’s laugh at the start of the track and the general silliness in the room. Some good times were definitely had.

Today’s artwork—a least a ten-gallon hat, wouldn’t you say? Here’s another one for the purple people. This piece started out as a graphite drawing on, I believe, Bristol board. I loved it when Scot used graphite. He could do such amazing, simple shadings. It looked so classical. On top of the graphite, he has laid a wash of acrylic pigments (more pooling). He did a series of these graphite angel faces with gold leaf halos. They were amazing. People used to come into our booth at art fairs and ask, did he do any more of those angels? No, he unfortunately he didn’t. They were definitely not art in a minute.

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