Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Subtle Parts

Something sort of soothing after the rattle of yesterday’s post—something with some subtle parts--somewhere between “Knights of White Satin” and “A Whiter Shade of Pale.” Today’s track is one of a series, “Solo Instrumental Jam #1.” The drum track is the machine I told you he played like a typewriter. I always felt he got some really funky rhythms out of that little box. Then he’s got the real churchy organ track. Not wanting to repeat myself, I will repeat, Scot loved the gutsy, religious experience this kind of sonic field provides. Then he’s got the guitar things going on, which almost sounds like the track is being played either backwards, but most likely it’s being played through some kind of tricky box.

Today’s artwork also has some subtle parts. I, in particular love the expression on the face of the pot. Blow the piece up, after listening to the music, to see the sweetest, kindliest, and most forbearing of expressions, as you’ll see on any clay pot. I imagine such an expression on our own Mother Earth. This piece started out as a graphite drawing on a glossy paper. He went in a couple of times with color application. The elements, including sun, star, flower and pot, fore and background, are all acrylic wash treatments. The sky is all airbrush. The piece glows.

Sunflowers were one of Scot’s personal power symbols. For a time, he grew a batch every summer. The seeds all cross- pollinated and we got some really wild looking variations. The sunflowers attracted beautiful little yellow and black finches, which we got to look at close up. They did a very effective job of camoflauging themselves. I hope to grow some big ole sunflowers this summer.

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