Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cookin' Something Up

The year is probably something like 1985. Scot was just starting to pick up the bass again after his sojourn into the life of a Rockabilly front man. The musicians playing today were known collectively as “Garbage Head Brown and the Flies of Renown.” Garbage Head Brown is doing the honors on vocals and harp. Rhythm guitar is being played by my, almost life long friend, Peter Smith. Peter sat behind me in freshman geography, circa 1968.

Scot obviously struggled with Garbage Head, who obviously had something going on (and obviously knew it). Scot’s playing is not the seamless flow of some of this blog’s recent tracks. At this point Scot was in learning mode--full-on ready to get down to the roots—an exploration that he pursued to the very end. What I love most about this recording is that it’s such a time capsule for me. I can tell you it was recorded at 62 Jansen Street, in the North Beach District of San Francisco. What I love most about it is hearing Peter playing his easy, true-hearted, rhythm licks.

The outfit played mostly at a little place called “The Tattoo Rose,” on Columbus Avenue, around the corner from 62 Jansen. “The Tattoo Rose” was operated by San Francisco tattoo artist Lyle Tuttle, for a short time during the mid-1980’s. The whole operation ran on the concept of the open mike. I remember the stack of acoustic guitar cases piled up along the back wall. The place was a perfect example of someone “cooking something up.” Mr. Tuttle got an idea, music was made, and a good time was had.

Today's artwork is a pen and ink drawing with loads of wonderful acrylic wash, and a touch of colored pencil. Blow this one up!

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