Saturday, April 25, 2009

Soul on Saturday

Meanwhile, back at Pat O’Shea’s with Funhouse (11-1-85), Scot heads for the land of soul; doing one of his favorites--“Midnight Hour,” by Wilson Pickett and Steve Cropper. This song was in his set way back in the “T. Scot Bottom and the Rockabilly Funhouse” days. I’m pretty sure this is one of those songs he first heard in his brother’s room. Based on the stories Scot would tell, Big Brother Rick was one of his most profound musical influences.

When Scot was learning songs like "Sea Cruise", he recreated chord structure from memory; and later found his arrangements to be way off. This is where Scot first learned to love “The Beach Boys,” Dylan, “The Animals…” Scot especially loved Eric Burden, who was certainly one of his key vocal influences. The first song Scot ever sang was “House of the Rising Sun.” Oh what I would give to see and hear a 13 year-old Scot Halpin sing (while playing drums)--“House of the Rising Son.”

Today’s artwork is a pen and ink drawing (extra fine lines, not well captured--sorry), butwith some absolutely delicious acrylic wash. The piece is called “Barefoot” (or as Scot called it “Barefootin’).

Today's entry is dedicated to a great lady named Shirley, who passed over last Wednesday. May the angels guide her soul and comfort her loved ones left behind.

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