Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cast Party

Just to be clear about tenses, I’m writing yesterday’s entry today. Yesterday was the final performance of “Pajama Game,” the high school musical my son was in. It turns out, that play is about something. It is about labor and management, and unions and the difference even just a little bit more would make for so many.

One of the parents in the cast took the lead on organizing a cast party, and so there we were, in one of our beautiful local parks, living it up—it’s good to celebrate after you’ve worked real hard. The show was an all around smash! The bittersweet note was that many of these kids are moving on--their little cohort must necessarily disband.

Today’s music is one from Jerry Farnsworth’s Top 10 pieces. This is a swingin’, kick-ass version with Jerry on guitar and lead vocals. Scot is playing bass, and wailin’ in on harmony. Kenny Wright is there singing his heart out and playing drums, doing some of that swingin’ I was telling you about before. Tom Smith is there too, doing that amazing thing he does with his instrument. The song is called “Pink Champagne.” (Still checking on authoriship.)

Today’s artwork is a pink bubble of love. This is a collage of techniques starting out with a graphite drawing, painted with acrylic wash, dropped in on a digital background, and then he scribbled in the bubble hearts, with what looks like a digital stylus. Cheers! Pop! Cheers!

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Merry Lynn said...

I don't know how you keep finding at your fingertips a beautiful piece of artwork and music to match. After all I am cogniscent of your filing system. But it seems to magically present itself when the time comes. Keep on, blogmeistress. I love you. Your oldest sister.