Sunday, April 12, 2009

Having To Do With Water

Happy Easter Everyone! Having to do with water today, means I wanted something that would point to concepts such as rebirth, renewal, and the beauty of the bud. How water does that is a bit of a leap, except to say that with water, there is a washing away, a cleansing of body and spirit—it’s about the purity of water, newly cleansed by the Earth, bubbling up pure and sweet, or how about falling through rainbows as raindrops?

Today’s music track, “I Roam the River,” is an arrangement of a song from Scot’s “Folklore” material. Scot created this arrangement for an installation at the Headlands Center for the Arts. I will try and find a photo. It was fabulous, but for today, l will just say, Scot is singing and playing on all the tracks. I like this rollicking beat. Scot grew up on the Mississippi River and the concept of a rushing body of water moving by his doorstep probably suited his Aquarian nature very well.

Today’s artwork brings to mind a related story. This piece is a photograph of an original acrylic painting, done on rag board. The lines were drawn first with a piece of raw graphite. The water and the girls are transparent acrylic wash, but the sky is a thick acrylic enamel, as are all the electric spatters.

The story this piece brings to mind is the time my friend Andrea took me canoeing in the Mississippi River. We were pulled up by one of those river islands you read about in Mark Twain, when a huge river barge went by. When I looked down, all the water had been sucked away by displacement. There we were looking down into the thick, thick mud, waiting for the water to return.

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