Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Pitch-In

We are finally to the real Earth Day. I’m imagining a spinning blue, green planet. A tiny spec of a corner of a universe—but here we are, with this thick, rich brine of a soup we live in. Throw in history and ethics and esthetics? There’s a lot going on here. I have heard it suggested that life here on this planet is a kind of school for the soul. We come down here to learn some specific important lessons.

The musical track today morph’s into CCR’s immortal, “Fortunate Son.” What initially attracted me to this track was Scot’s bass track. The balance that night captures the warmth of his playing, and the melodic and rhythmic surety of his style. I then liked how abstract Kenny got when he saw some space that no one was jumping in to fill. I like how Scot grabs the riff off the Rock and Roll morphic field and takes it to “Fortunate Son”, I then also love how Kenny jumps in—he can sing the song too! The whole time, Jerry cruises in and out of things. Scot knew a lot of the lyrics.

“It ain’t me.” That’s kind of been the theme song of the 20th Century. How can what I do, one little person, make the slightest bit of difference? The secret is—it’s the only thing that does. This ain’t just me saying this. And so for Earth Day, I do put out this message to step-up to the plate and make as many changes, little and big, as you can in the name of those who come after us. As far as who’s fortunate and who’s not--that’s a tough one.

Amma (google opportunity) tells the story of the man who wanted to end the cycles of reincarnation in this life. Amma told him he could, but that he would have to suffer A LOT before he could go; and I guess he did. He got everything. So how easy, how fortunate one is, may be just as relative as everything else.

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