Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Building Something Is No Joke

O.K. For those of you who were feeling slightly 'interuptus"'s 8:03 minutes more. First off, regarding the artwork, notice the hammer—notice the nail. (If I may, notice the heart.) Building something. Just how does one do that? Have you ever tried? I did once. I thought I would make a mini-green house in my back yard. I had gotten the idea from you-know-who. He was growing you-know-what. I thought--I can do that too. It was a disaster. The whole thing wobbled and flopped.

OK, this is Loop de Loop 5. What I recommend is that you turn off all the lights in the room, except for anything that flickers, and then give way to the beat. And then since you can't do it at the same time, after the music, be sure to blow this one up too.

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