Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Loop de Loop

Here we go and back again. This is actually a copy of the material I thought I had lost, due to an injudicious use of a post-a-note directly onto the disk. So glad to have found the material again! Scot called these pieces--Loop de Loops. They were recorded here in Bloomington, at home, in the early days of the new milineum. Sorry about the abrupt start and stop!

You could almost say that Scot started out more as an electronic art musician than a straight-to-it Rock and Roll guy. One of his early favorite bands was “Soft Machine” and Robert Wyatt remained a life-long creative model. “Soft Machine” was very artsy—more jazz-like--definitely an improvisational group. If you don’t know Robert Wyatt’s music, I urge you to check it out. My particular favorite album: “Old Rotten Hat.”

When Scot and I first met at City College, he was also doing electronic music. I will try and track down their names, but there was this married couple on the faculty who got it together to have installed an electronic music studio in the music department there on the campus. It was sort of built into a closet behind some stairs, but at the time, the equipment was all state of the art--but definitely all pre-digital. Everything had to be done with patch cords. There was even a Moog Synthesizer--all the single note musical technology you could want! I have a few recordings from that time, which I will be bringing out in the by-and-by.

Art for today, wanted something trance like. Brow this one up.

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