Sunday, March 1, 2009

Always Has Been

Here’s another $40 bill. This image, “A Balanced Approach” (a hand colored etching) is an image that seemed to speak to both men and women. The mayor of our town bid it up to $175 at a local fundraiser. He didn’t know Scot. I guess he simply connected with the message--he was just starting his administration when he bought it. Any kind of vote for Scot, has always commended me to that person.

Sunday on the Plank Road seems right. Today’s track, “Liberty Bell” is another John Williams original. Things are coming into focus and I now know that this session was produced by Evan Copelly (plus he added so many of the actual musical highlights to the track, although the kazoo is all John). At lot of times, we end up looking at things through a rear view mirror. Good job, Evan!

Wrote a lot last night, so I’ll make it short today. Scot and John had planned to record some new material, and twice the recording session was cancelled. Scot died before they got another chance. Shortly after he passed, John went into the studio and recorded this material--solo (or so we might have thought).

Thinking of it as a scratch track, John let it all hang out. John said he clearly felt Scot that night in the studio with him when he recorded it. The rest is history. John went ahead with friends and family (with special kudos to the photographer) and produced a CD, "Gravity"—which is nothing short of inspired. Get it at: cdbaby/cd/nwjohnny.

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