Thursday, March 12, 2009

Something's Happening Here

What it is, ain’t exactly clear. Finally getting back to this. I thought that at least I had the music and art together; if not the story. Wrong. The music is now a go. Got a lot to write, and not much to say. Ironic.

OK. This is Plank Road, back at the Farm Fresh studios. I remember the night Scot came home from this session. We listened to the tracks. It was clear that John was in fine voice, but Scot was dissatisfied at first, feeling like the tracks were a little cold and sterile. To tell the truth, he never liked any track right away, but days, sometime weeks and maybe even months later, the merit of the track would kind of come up and slap us in the face. Weird.

The song for today is KC Moan, a jug band standard. This was one of Scot’s favorite songs Plank Road songs.

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