Thursday, March 19, 2009

Argh! Revisited

I just got back from what is euphemistically called a Fig Gig, in our circles. Every month or two, we all drive out to the little town of Helmsberg, Indiana for a gig at the Fig Tree Café; a most unique business concept. Downstairs is the African Art Gallery. Upstairs is the Collectibles Collection. (This means millions of Star War figurines and the like.) The couple that run the place are as sweet as the day is short/long.

Playing this Fig Gig was Jerry Farnsworth and his now regular bunch of Kids. Jerry did an arrangement of 16 Tons that had three different styles. I came home really wanting to play a version of 16 Tons. Frankly, Scot used to complain about always doing 16 Tons. Do you know when I got home, and started looking for 16 Tons, do you think I could find one track with Jerry’s wonderful Burl Ives vocals on it? If you said no, you are right, hence the Argh! Revisited.

What I settled on is a short, sweet, simple version of “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot—a song that instantly slapped some balm on my weary soul as, I was frantically flipping through CD’s. This is once again, Jamula (Jerry Farnsworth-guitar, Scot Halpin-bass Tom Smith on mouth organ).

Looking for artwork tonight, these flying hearts struck me as little chariots of love, coming in for, at least a low pass.

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