Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Round?

“Gods and Communists” is another example of Scot and John—stripping it down for us on the Plank Road. I could start complaining about how I am behind here at Station TSCOT. Where are all those oldies you promised, you might complain.

It’s true. I’m sitting on another technical problem. I’m waiting for a break-through so I can start playing all that great old stuff. I’m thinking you might be getting kind of used to hearing the absolutely breath-taking music I've been featuring. I know, here at TSCOT, I’ve been leaning heavily on Carlyn Lindsey & Snakedoctor, Jerry Farnsworth's Basement Collaboration, Jamula and John Williams, but I’m guessing you’re getting kind of used to hearing these remarkable voices.

“Gods and Communists” is another example of John’s gracious poetry, set to music, and then "interpreted." I talked to him the other day and he told me he has, something like fourteen new songs!

The artwork,also very stripped down, has nothing much to do with the music, except maybe the mood. The music reminds me of trips I’ve made, traveling the distances of this vast country—out there on the long miles of Texas or the Great Plains--seeing classical cloud landscapes form up across the sky.

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