Sunday, March 15, 2009



In this case, missing in action, on the sofa. We’d had a fun day and had just settled in on the sofa for a long winter’s movie night. Thinking back on how much of the movie I saw (I knew because I's seen it before, I must have fallen asleep somewhere within the first fifteen minutes. I had planned to slip in and make my entry right before going to bed.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up and discovered I’d missed my window for a March 14, 2009 post! Wasn’t too happy, I can tell you that. Apparently I’d told James, a time in the past, not to wake me up. It’s hard to know what to tell our children.

I really feel bad about being missing in action for my post. I will try not to let that happen, plus I remember--I owe you one.

Another black and white drawing. Another track from the Basement Collaberation (Jerry Farnsworth on gutair, Kenny Wright on drums, Scot Halpin on bass), backing up John Mead (vocals and acoustic guitar)-- doing Dylan’s so true, “It Takes a Lot To Laugh It Takes a Train.”

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