Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dancin' Shoes

Found it! O.K. I realize I was looking for rock and roll. Is this rock and roll? Let’s test your musical chops. It’s Louis Jordan—1946. Scot was always in search of these bridge-way musics: jug-band, Kansas-City Jump—like that. This is Carlyn Lindsey & Snakedoctor in another gear. There’s a soul gear I’m just mentioning now, but for the moment, put on your dancin’ shoes. And did I have the rinky-tink part nailed, or what?

You can hear how appreciative the audience was that night; and this was the first number. I’m talkin’ about a BEAR’S Snakedoctor gig—a much different venue than the Encore Cafe. At Bear’s, we brought in the brass. For the record, on this track it’s: sax-Dave Witherd, keyboards-Larry Vessily, drums-Tim Haas, Carlyn Lindsey-vocals, Scot Halpin-bass. This is a live recording—all these people playing their asses off—together, and this recording is here to prove it.

The artwork is another generation of the Claris Works approach. Shapes and forms, blown up three-dimensionally, and placed in a two dimensional world.-looks like a stage. This piece is called “Busy Day.”

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