Monday, March 30, 2009

Open Items

The reality of the responsibility of a daily memorial blog is coming into focus for me. Can’t let your guard down. Got a lot of holes to plug tonight, so I am putting up literally the first song and the first piece of artwork I could grab (as a time saving measure) and I am delighted with the outcome.

When I saw the title, “Hey Good Looking”, I thought it would be a track of Scot singing this song with the BC (Basement Collaboration) because it’s one from his long-time repertoire. I was happy to find such a wonderful track—full-on Basement Collaboration—Jerry(guitar)/Kenny(drums)/Scot(bass)—but instead with featured “Blue Jazz” vocalist (in our dreams), Irene.

The art for tonight is a piece called ‘Side-by-Side.” It has been brought to my attention that I have been spending a lot more time talking about the music than the artwork. Here’s the deal. I tend to think that talking about visual artwork verges on the pompous. Similar to talking about poetry. It’s why I’m glad I never went to art school. Only a few creative souls I know survived that process. Scot always wanted people to see what THEY saw in his artwork.

However, for the sake of critique, I will tell you, today’s piece started out as a drawing--brown fine point Sharpie on Bristol board. The acrylic wash he next applied is obvious if you look at the pooling of pigment going on in certain places. (Remember, you can blow up these pieces, by clicking on the image--after the music.) Isn’t that always the way—a pooling of pigments?

Speaking of plugging holes, I wanted to tell you another story, and so I will. Before Scot died, we started to read a book that had been in my family’s library for as long as I can remember, “Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates.” This is a good one for all you kids who want to travel to Amsterdam—my point being, in the story there was this dad, and he was sick in the corner. For a big part of the book, this was a big mystery. We were in a similar situation. Despite everything he was doing, Scot was the sick dad in the corner. We never finished the book. Too bad, I’m guessing it has a happy ending.

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Merry Lynn said...

I'm really beginning to be able to pick out the bass on the recordings, knowing now that it was Scot's nimble fingers creating the music. Love the artwork - it's every couple sitting in their chairs growing old together. Maybe like Edith and Archie but with more love. I love you darling sister. I know just the book that you were reading and for the life of me can't remember the ending either.
But in my case it has probably been fifty years since I read it. FYI it was Gracie's.