Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just To Go With You

Almost done. Going back and cleaning up old messes is so time consuming. It behooves one to stick to the program. I have got to start making some assumptions about what people know—stuff that has been previously spelled out in the blog. Otherwise I’m tempted to always start at the beginning.

The song “Careless Love” is another song with a long and peppered history as both a blues and jazz standard, the first known recording is by Buddy Bolden, a New Orleans jazz musician, around the turn of the 20th century. Careless Love, is I guess, a love that doesn’t look forward—doesn’t look out for consequences.

Wearing an apron, way down low, reminds me of a joke my grandmother once told me. She said as how there was this girl who claimed she’d do anything for a mink coat, but when she got it, she couldn’t button it! I don’t know if my grandmother was trying to be funny or strictly cautionary? Come to think of it, it is a lesson that’s stuck.

This is once again, the old Plank Road—John Williams and Scot Halpin--wearing their aprons way down low. Artwork--a couple who’ve decided to stay and see what happens, the mythical lovers on shore, the arc sailing away?

I’ve got some good news for tomorrow. I’ve got my little problem fixed.

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