Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Birth of a Genre

The story I’m about to tell you is true. I was driving my kid to school tonight for a play rehearsal. I was thinking about the blog entry I wanted to make when I got back home. All of a sudden, James starts humming the very melody. I didn’t remember humming the song, but I thought, “I must have.” I asked him, “Did I just hum that song?” He turned to me and asked, “What song?” No. It turns out I had not hummed any song. My guess is that he had just snatched it off the morpho-resonant field.

What I think is interesting on this tape, a solo jam recording, made by Scot in the late 1980’s, is that we hear him apologize for something on the track--when I know for a fact that he was the only person in the room! He had just bought this $75 drum machine. He played it like a typewriter. Just like C & W was a natural step from Rockabilly, so was folk music. This track represents the birth of the Folk Punk genre.

I’m going to cut it short tonight because my entries of late have been a little over long. The artwork for tonight is another piece done for the art fair circuit. This piece started out as a painting, was photographed and then re-worked inside the digital matrix. It reminded me of sailors, which reminded me of a song I will play you soon.


NikitaWaxler said...

You did a great job on the website, and I really love all of the art.

Robin Halpin Young said...

Thanks Nik. So glad you're visiting the blog.